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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Dumb as a post – How NOT to use Twitter

I was amused last week to gain another follower on Twitter.  What tickled my funnybone was the fact that this guy has followed (and very quickly unfollowed) me at least half a dozen times before.

Clearly, he loves Twitter as he follows about 62,000 people.  What astonishes me is that he has about 58,500 followers.

Why am I astonished?  Why do I want every other tweet to say “read my book”, “do you know I’ve written a book”, “have you seen this quote from my book” and so on?

Yeah, we get it – you’ve written a book.  Once you’ve told me that, you don’t need to tell me again – I can retain information quite well.  Now tell us something new or, at the very least, wait a couple of weeks before you tell me again about your book.

No, I don’t mean the other half of your tweets should be “have you read my blog”, “what do you think about this article on my blog”, “thanks for retweeting about my latest blog post”.  (Are you getting a feeling for why I’ve never followed this guy back?)

And, yes, I am fully aware of the irony of publicising this blog post on my Twitter stream!

Clearly, the guy is intelligent – he’s written a book – and, if his publicity is to be believed, he is or has been a pretty good salesman.  Why then is he getting this so wrong?

I understand the need to publicise the book, I understand the need to publicise the blog but, please, show me something beneath the surface – who inspires you, what articles have you read and enjoyed, what bugs you, anything but constantly banging on about you!  All you are doing is reducing your own credibility.

Have you encountered anyone like this?


  1. Brilliant post and point well made. I totally agree Neil. Promotional Tweets like these really grate don't they. Sharon and I have just finished writing our book and obviously want to promote it but without boring the pants off everyone we know.

    I guess the key is not to be self-oriented and keep thinking of the people reading your Tweets/blogs etc, making the stuff you put out valuable to them. The way we are trying to police this is like this - if a message feels unnatural and icky then we avoid putting it out there. I hope we get this right. Please pull us up on it if we ever put anything out there that makes you go 'Ewwww!'.

    Sonja www.valuablecontent.co.uk

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Sonja. I think the chances of you boring the pants off anyone are remote in the extreme if you follow your own advice! I haven't seen anything yet that has made me take a deep breath but I'll keep watching!